BeSmartOnAir #4: A Better Way of Learning?

The fourth episode of the BeSmartOnAir HOA series was something very special indeed! We had an incredible panel, including one – or was it two?! – Google Certified Trainers and an additional Google Certified Teacher (or possibly the other way round, I kinda lost track..). With other words: tons of knowledge about working in education with the head in the cloud and the feet firmly on the ground.

An extra bonus was the participation of Bjorn Rustbergaard, the CEO of WeVideo which is one of the most interesting cloud based video editing platforms out there. Through some html5 magic WeVideo can also offer offline functionality – a fact that adds enormous value to the service. WeVideo also connects directly to Google Apps for Education!

So, is GAFE a getter way of learning? It sure seems so, at least for our panel members and their students. There are definitely many advantages using GAFE compared to traditional ways of organizing the work flow and working in the classroom – and outside of the classroom! Add the smart folder structure created through the gClassFolders script and you’re all set to focus on what really matters: learning.

The Agenda for this episode got magically turned into Show Notes – you can find the document (which is open for comments) here.

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