BeSmartOnAir #2

Here we go: the great March 21 initial ‘Be Smart, Be Safe’ On Air Event lead to Tiina Sarisalmi and me firing up BeSmartOnAir on more regular basis! What that actually means in the long run remains to be seen but hey, we’re definitely in serious(?) business!

Great to have both Finland, Italy and the US with us and the transatlantic perspective provided by Bjorn Behrendt is extremely interesting and broadens our views quite a bit.

Some of the things we discussed this time were the recent large scale EU report about eTwinning and pedagogical ICT use in general, the role of the teacher in a modern educational setting, Flipped Classroom and one-to-one implementation in different countries, the ownership of learning, networking as a great force changing the society and – finally – pros and cons about disclosing your true identity on the Internet. Phew!

Wrapping this episode up, perhaps the best thing is that the date for the next BeSmartOnAir hangout is already set: it will be aired live on the Internet on May 21. See you then!

Audio only version of this HOA is also available, direct link here.

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