DViSOnAir Interview: Bjorn Behrendt

Here we go, at last! I managed to fire up another Hangout On Air and get Bjorn Behrendt from the other side of the pond onboard. Bjorn knows a lot about using Google Apps in the classroom so it was definitely a blast for me since I’ve just got started.

I’ve been listening to Bjorns podcasts for some time now and they are really great. The audio quality is also very good and adds quite a bit to the positive listening experience. Check out EdListen!

The YouTube link is here and you’ll find the audio only mp3 below. And hey, please don’t count how many times I say ‘like’! I gave up after one hundred.. Listen to Bjorn instead!

Audio only, mp3

This post was originally published Feb 19, 2013

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Language teacher, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration, sea kayaking addict
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