EACEA LLP Infoday: Brussels, Nov 12


This gentleman looks really serious and impressive, right?

EACEA is a European Union Executive Ageny with a mandate to..

manage European funding opportunities and networks in the fields of education and training, citizenship, youth, audiovisual and culture

The above description is possibly a bit hard to grasp and that’s why EACEA hosts Infodays every year in Brussels. During a Infoday all the programs handled by the agency are explained in detail and the participants can ask questions and possibly find partners to future projects.

I’m writing this summary the day after the very intensive event and here are some quick thoughts, off the top of my head:

  • EACEA projects are all centrally administered in Brussels
  • The scope of the projects is huge compared to, say, ‘standard’ Comenius school collaboration
  • Excellent opportunity for ‘large scale alliances’ (schools / higher education / business) that are especially important in the future Erasmus For All LLP framework from 2014 and onwards
  • Projects can focus on a specific field in education – say, pedagogical IT use in schools – or span over several educational levels and institutions. For the former, see multilateral projects
  • Time span for a project is 2-3 years, total EU funding maximum EUR 300.000 providing the partnership raises additional EUR 100.000 (staff costs ok)
  • Average application success rate is roughly 20%
  • Writing a top-notch application is neither easy nor quick

All in all, we were some 600 educators in Brussels meaning that there is definitely a keen Europe wide interest in the EACEA LLP projects. All the Infoday presentations are – or will be – available through the Infoday web.

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