Smart and Safe in Croatia, October 2012


 Autumn leaves in Croatia? Well, not from the northern Sweden point of view! 

In late October 2012 the Be Smart, Be Safe combo eTwinning-Comenius project got started for real when Croatia and the Veliki Bukovec school hosted our very first project meeting. We were quite a large bunch of people, both students and teachers, from five countries who joined forces in Croatia so the organisation was not a small task. A superb job by our hosts who definitely set a very high standard.

Great workshops, beautiful Croatia

Both students and teachers were engaged in the workshops that included creating online educational content through the Zondle platform, discussing social media in educational context, analyzing internet use questionnaire data from the participating countries and working with multi media – to name just a few. On top of all this there was also time for us to enjoy great performances by the Veliki Bukovec students and admire the beautiful northern Croatia sights.

eTwinning in Zagreb 26/10

I was also lucky to get the chance to attend a Croatian eTwinning meeting in Zagreb; Lidija Kralj nailed the e-safety issues in her presentation and I had the pleasure of briefly outlining the recent major changes in learning and teaching, largely brought about by the digital technology and especially the Internet based collaboration.

Challenges and opportunities

It goes without saying that there is now tons of material to be processed during the coming months but we can already state that the online world is a very real one today, full of challenges and great opportunities – providing you know how to navigate around the pitfalls and separate the wheat from the (mind boggling amount of) chaff. Harnessing the power of the Internet gives you one of the most important keys to functional citizenship and the schools must see to it that the students find those keys and know how to use them.

Thank you Veliki Bukovec!

A big thank you to our project coordinator Lidija and the whole Veliki Bukovec Croatian team who have given our project such a great start. Now it’s time for us in Sweden to get to work, preparing for the March meeting here in the north. We are looking forward to meeting all our friends from Croatia, France, Cyprus and Italy in Luleå!

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