Bye-bye to Posterous?


Acquired or acqhired?

It’s been a couple of months since Twitter acquired Posterous – or, guess I should type acqhired since most probably Twitter has no intention of joining the crowd of more traditional (micro)blogging services. Twitter expanded its team, will continue to develop their core service and what happens to Posterous is anybody’s guess. Mine is that nothing happens in the near future but in the long run the service will be shut down.

Reading the (very short) Posterous Acquisition FAQ I noticed the same phrase being repeated over and over again: 

We’ll give you ample notice before any changes or disruptions..

That sure doesn’t give me very good vibes about the whole thing.

I’ve been using Posterous a couple of years and, in many ways, it’s been working great (except when they completely trashed some of my pages) and offering functionality that is hard to find elsewhere – at least if you want a free ride. I’ll be sorry to see Posterous go but now it’s time for me to start looking for an alternative. All suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

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