The best video meeting, by Google+


There has been lots of buzz (pun intended!) about Google Plus, the Google social initiative, since its launch last summer. Whatever you think of it, a fact is that G+ has a very real ‘killer feature’: the video meeting Hangout that runs very, very smoothly in the Chrome browser.

Hangout is, of course, free for any G+ user to try out and many of us have already done that. The ease of use, very fast launch and especially the amazingly good audio and video quality are the main hallmarks of Hangouts.

So far, a G+ user can include maximum nine other G+ members in a Hangout that also offers real time chat, screen sharing, collaboration using Google Docs and some further neat tricks. There is also convenient automatic turntaking built-in so the conversation flows really well.

I will be ‘hanging out’ pretty often further on, mostly under the SwEdTech flag, so see you on Google Plus! You’ll find a link to my G+ profile here and feel free to mail me if you have any G+ related questions.

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Language teacher, GSuite superadmin, YouTuber, podcaster, advocate for international school collaboration, sea kayaking addict
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