Cut through (mobile) Twitter noise: Proxlet, part 2


Proxlet is – surprise! – a proxy that allows the users to fine tune their Twitter feed, as I wrote in an earlier blog post. It works just fine when using Twitter through the web but now I’ve also tried it on my Android handset, by adding the Proxlet API string to a supported Twitter app. I have been using Seesmic for quite a while but because I can’t use Proxlet with Seesmic (yet?) I installed another well known Twitter client, Twidroyd. The Proxlet instructions for Twidroyd are straightforward so it took me just a couple of minutes to get started.

I’d think that at least  80% of my Twitter use is mobile and that’s why I really like weeding out tweets without links (Proxlet ‘rss mode’ that lets through dm and @ mentions), some hashtags I’m not interested in and quite a few of the web services that automatically generate lots of tweets (FourSquare, GetGlue, All in all, Proxlet gives me well functioning tools to cut through the Twitter noise in a way that no smart phone client I know of can do on its own.

The Proxlet wish list, then? For one thing, I’d definitely like the option to enable the tweets from certain users, no matter what filtering rules I generally apply. This would be really handy especially when important information about service outages is channeled to the users through Twitter. Apart from this, after a couple of days with Proxlet and Twidroyd: thumbs up, a great combo!

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