Greplin searches your cloud data


Greplin covers many cloud services!

Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn – well known examples of extremely useful cloud services that accumulate more and more of our data for each passing day. But hey, do you ever find yourself wondering exactly how to find that specific piece of information you’d need right now? I sure do! A couple of years ago it wasn’t a major problem; most often all it took was a quick Gmail search and I was done. These days it isn’t that simple any more because there are so many interesting web services available, especially in social media.

One search to rule them all

So, what I’ve been looking for is a one-to-rule-them-all personal search that enables me to find just the stuff I need, no matter where the information resides in my cloud. It just might be that my prayers have now been heard because Greplin does just that: you choose among a large number of popular web services and pick those that you want Greplin to index. After the index has been built (can take quite a while!), you can search all of your cloud data – or data on any specific service you use – using any web browser and the results pop up really fast.

Free ride plus paid options

Greplin offers the users a free ride but the resulting index is, of course, not huge but probably large enough if you’re not heavily into email or social media. On top of tha basic free service there are two additional levels for those who need more thorough search capabilities and are willing to pay for that. What about security aspects, then? Several of the web services connect to Greplin through OAuth which feels pretty good. However, things can always go wrong and our everyday use of the web means taking (hopefully) calculated risks – just like driving to and from work. You do the math, I’ve already done mine: 20000 30000 50000 70000 documents indexed and counting..!

A different take: CloudMagic

I must mention another take on personal cloud search: the CloudMagic Gmail extension. CloudMagic creates a searchable index, just like Greplin, but the index is built locally in your computer and thereby not available anywhere through the web. CloudMagic is tailored to Google services but will soon also include Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check my earlier blog post about CloudMagic!

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