CloudMagic beats Gmail search


The built-in search in Gmail is pretty darn good – especially considering the ways users can tailor it – but when you just need basic lightning-fast results, the CloudMagic browser extension (Firefox and Chrome) delivers the way you wouldn’t believe. After the quick installation, you’ve got a new search box in Gmail and that’s where the magic happens. Did I say fast results? Oops, should have been: instant!

Of course, the comparison above is not a fair one because CloudMagic builds a local index for the search – pretty much like the (local) Spotlight search on a Mac. Generating the index can take a long time but you can start using the search almost right away. When the index is done, any search terms give amazingly snappy results that cover Docs and Contacts as well and, coming up, support for both Twitter – follow @cldmgc – and Facebook!

What about security, then? Well, the search index is not encrypted – a feature that will be optional later on – so don’t lose your computer! However, I’d guess that very few of us use encrypted email in the first place and those who really want to eavesdrop on your email correspondence won’t have major trouble doing so.

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