Hide FB and Paper.li ads – and most others, too


A neat and clean Facebook page – look mum, no ads!

Sometimes the ads on web pages can be a real pain and you’d probably wish there would be a way to get rid of them. Well, there are definitely ways of at least hiding the ads, and probably the easiest is by using an ad blocker in the web browser. These days I normally use the Chrome browser and now I can also use my favorite ad blocker from Firefox days: AdBlockPlus. There is an ABP extension for Chrome, still in beta but I haven’t noticed any problems so far. ABP does a great job on many web sites, among others Paper.li and Facebook! Switching off ABP for a certain page is also only a mouse click away, in case it’s needed.

Below, you can see the very same Facebook profile page that is displayed on top of this blog post – but this time without that very special ABP magic!



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    Nice :-) Ska testa /

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