Skype goes to school – officially


I’d guess a huge number of educators are using Skype these days, both in and out of the classroom. It definitely makes sense because not only do you get free computer-to-computer audio calls but also very good quality video as well – completely free of charge. On top of that Skype allows you to call any landline or cell phone to a very reasonable price, a service that I’ve found extremely useful while working at the computer and planning trips or international meetings. Add the smart phone Skype apps  – both Android and iPhone – and you’ve got a really neat communication package here, to a price tag that can’t be beat!

There are great initiatives from educators to make connecting through Skype easier but now there is also an official Skype project targeting schools: Skype in the classroom is still in beta but it sure looks interesting. Want to find teachers working in the same field you do? Share teaching resources and learn from others? All this might be out there for you, providing the new service attracts many users of course. Considering the huge user base Skype has, Skype in the classroom might very well become a success.

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Former language teacher, GSuite superadmin, advocate for international school collaboration. YouTuber, podcaster, sea kayaking addict
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