Facebook goes email – not?

So, now it’s slowly being rolled out, strictly on invite basis only: the Facebook take on combining SMS, IM, FB messages and – last but definitely not least interesting – email! So what is this beast – good old email dressed up for the 21st century, FacebookWave or what? At least Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t left any doubt about what FB Messaging is not: ‘It is not email’ was the message at the announcement on November 15 – even though Facebook will provide the users with @facebook.com accounts!

Wisely, Facebook is not trying to create yet another web based email application. The social media giant is aiming at combining all the most common text-based communication methods, so that a user can just simply contact a friend and the message is delivered using the best method available. Mail a friend and the email will be delivered as a chat or text message? Yup, that might be the way it works out. Apparently it is also possible to use extensive white listing so that, say, every email (or other kind of a message) that is sent to you from someone who is not your Facebook friend will be bounced to the sender.

Will Facebook become the main internet hub for unified, text based communication? Well, that remains to be seen but the privacy issues connected to Facebook in the past might make the road ahead a bit rocky.

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