Twitter makes lousy conversations



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I’ve been using Twitter since 2007 and, after a very heavy dose of initial skepticism, I now definitely find it a useful keeping-tabs-on-the-world tool. However, I’m still not sure if I’ve got my bearings 100% right about Twitter – especially when using the service for conversation. In fact, it just might be that Twitter was never meant to be a chat. Pretty often, I find these tiny conversation fragments bouncing back and forth and after a while I’m nor even sure if I’ve started some of them myself!

So, what kind of an animal is Twitter, anyway? A really strange creature, I’d say, but definitely a blog more than anything else. Basically, it’s all about getting a message through from one to many – with a feedback loop, like any blog. No threaded conversations here – go Buzz (if it’s still around) for that! – so it’s kinda impossible to keep track of the context of separate messages when many things are happening all at once. Sure, hashtags are useful but they sure don’t turn a bunch of tweets into a threaded dialogue.

Nah, I don’t much like Twitter conversations. I like Twitter because, providing you find the right people to follow, you really get some very good information and assistance – in real time. And talking about things happening in real time: yes, I must admit I’m a bit of a Jack Bauer fan. What’s his Twitter handle, anyone?

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