The Insane Strawberry Smoothie


This is the truly Insane Strawberry Smoothie! And yes, once again I’ve stolen the recipe – this time from my wife..

There are very few things that contribute to a great breakfast – or brunch! – more that a fruity smoothie loaded with taste. To me, a great smoothie is 99% fruit (or, of course berries!) and the rest is whatever gives the masterpiece that very special, spicy edge. Dairy products  in a smoothie? Nah, let’s skip that please!

First a word of warning: I’m crazy about ginger. So, when I prepare this smoothie, I use quite a bit of ginger. Actually, lots of it, to the extent that many people might consider I’m overdoing it ever so slightly. That might also be the case.. However, you choose your own dose!

Strawberries, lemon, honey – and ginger


Our own strawberries are simply the best!

The key word is – surprise – strawberries. We have the huge advantage of having lots of our own (in the freezer after the season) and this Nordic jewel really is in a class of its own, even though I might possibly be slightly biased here. Anyway, good strawberries is a great start. Then, the juice from a lemon, some honey and the insanely sharp and delicious edge: juice pressed from a big piece of fresh, peeled and grated ginger! There is no point in using the ginger fiber, it’s the taste that counts right? So just press all the good drops out of the ginger with you fingers and throw away the fiber that remains. Then – mix!

Orange juice to taste

If you’re really hard core, you just might skip the orange juice and perhaps only add some water if the smoothie is way too thick. I do like the orange flavor in this smoothie, however, so I just pour some in my glass at the table. That’s about it! The taste? Like I said, I’m not shy with the ginger dosage so it’s kind of a strawberry explosion with a sting that almost brings the tears to my eyes. Yes, it really is that good – and it just might save your day in case you’ve had a rough night!

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